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Building Web Services with Duct

If you’re new to the 0.9 alpha version of Duct, I suggest you take a detour and read Advancing Duct, which covers the new architecture of Duct more completely.

By contrast, this post won’t cover old ground, but instead focus on a more specific (but very common) use-case: web services. I’ll also introduce Ataraxy, a data-driving routing library that integrates well with Duct.

Advancing Duct

Duct started life as a project template for writing web applications in Clojure, based around Stuart Sierra’s Component micro-framework. The next version of Duct replaces Component with Integrant, a micro-framework that I developed with Duct in mind.

Code is Data

Homoiconicity, AKA “code is data”, is a frequently cited benefit of using a Lisp. When people reference this, the first thing they talk about is usually macros, and how powerful and transformative they are.

In Paul Graham’s Beating the Averages, for example, he points to macros as the tool that elevates Lisp above other languages. He goes on to provide an interesting statistic:

The source code of the Viaweb editor was probably about 20-25% macros.

As a Clojure programmer, this makes me want to run away screaming.

Asynchronous Ring

You might already know about the current proposal to introduce support for asynchronous handlers in Ring. In this post I’m going to try to summarise the proposed design, and talk a little about why it was chosen. I can’t cover everything, but I’ll try to provide an overview.

How I use Component

There have been a few discussions lately on how to structure Clojure applications. In one corner there’s reigning champion Component, and in the other the newcomer Mount.

I come down in favour of Component, but during the discussion I found that the way I currently use Component has diverged from the way Component is advocated in Stuart Sierra’s 2014 Just Enough Structure talk. Rather than contrasting Component and Mount, which has been done by others, I thought I’d instead write about how I use Component differently to Stuart.

Encapsulation and Clojure

Encapsulation is a mainstay of object orientated programming, but in Clojure it’s often avoided. Why does Clojure steer clear of a concept that many programming languages consider to be best practice?

Structuring Clojure Web Applications

The Clojure web ecosystem doesn’t provide as much guidance to newcomers as other languages. There are no large frameworks on the same scale or adoption as Ruby on Rails or Django, and in their absense, a common question arises: how do I structure a web application in Clojure?

I haven’t seen a satisfactory answer to this question, but that’s not because no-one’s bothered to document common wisdom. Rather, I believe it’s because we’re only now beginning to discover good solutions in Clojure to this rather thorny set of problems.

Pull Requests Maintainers Won't Hate

With the advent of Github and similar services, it has never been easier to contribute patches to open source projects. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be an uphill struggle to get those patches accepted.

As a project maintainer, I receive a lot of good pull requests, but also many that make common mistakes that need to be fixed before the code can be merged. In the interests of reducing frustration on both sides, here’s some advice for writing pull requests that won’t make the project maintainer hate you.

Comparing Clojure Serialization Libraries

I recently had cause to investigate serialization options for Clojure data structures. I came up with four contenders: Carbonite, Deep Freeze, Nippy and the standard EDN reader from Clojure 1.5.1. Out of curiosity, I also decided to benchmark Cheshire’s JSON and SMILE serialization, to see how it compared.

Understanding Routing in Compojure

Compojure operates a little differently to most other routing libraries, and can seem a little “magical” unless you’re familiar with how it works behind the scenes. This blog post is designed as a introduction to Compojure from first principles; starting with Ring handlers, how do we get to Compojure?